Educational Development & Strategies

M.S. in Education With a Major in Educational Development and Strategies Through Wilkes University

Gain valuable insights into best practices in classroom management, the latest assessment practices, and how to better leverage technology in your classroom.

A master’s degree in Educational Development and Strategies prepares you to advance your career and increase your salary. You’ll also explore new career pathways such as curriculum development, instructional training, and/or instructional coaching.

In this program, you will learn how to:

  • Implement strategies to guide instruction for learning to achieve established learning goals.
  • Apply differentiated instruction techniques and strategies to create learner-centered classrooms and lessons for diverse populations.
  • Discuss current, validated research underlying the theory, principles, and practices of the course content and apply them to your own instructional area

Course Requirements

This program requires 30 credits using a combination of Wilkes core classes and PLS Classes. Courses are available in multiple formats including on-site, online, or you may enroll in a combination of both.

How to Enroll

Apply through Wilkes University.
Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and a completed application is required.