Instructional Coaching™

Course Description

This course focuses on the coach’s role in classroom management, content enhancement, instruction, asking effective questions, and assessment for learning. Explore the fundamentals for sustaining a successful coaching program including how to represent the coach’s role to staff, building trusting relationships, participating in ongoing training, garnering support from administrators, and providing confidential, non evaluative job-embedded professional development for teachers. You’ll also learn about the different types of coaching and how to implement effective verbal and nonverbal communication designed to improve expertise in leadership, communication and listening. Positive thinking and support are major course themes, with additional focus on the conferencing and facilitation skills.

Three (3) Credit Hours


  • Online: 4-week
  • Online: 7-week
  • Online: Self-paced


  • Curriculum Design
  • Developing Educator Expertise
  • Instructional Strategies
  • Teacher Leadership

Course Syllabi

Please download the course specific information and PLS Classes General Syllabi.

Course Offerings