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    How to Build a Better Lunchbox: Ideas to Help F...

    What are you having for lunch today? Between planning classes, grading assignments, and taking care of your own family, finding the time to pack yourself a nutritious and delicious lunch can sometimes take a back seat, leaving you to grab a few things on your way out the door or order out. The good news […]

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    The Benefits of Walking

    Teachers and students spend the school day exercising their minds, but it can be easy to forget how important it is to move and strengthen our bodies as well. Even creating time for a short walk each day can lead to a range of lifelong health benefits, improve learning and comprehension, and enhance your quality […]

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    Back-to-School Supplies Steals & Deals Pri...

    Looking to get a head start on school supply shopping for the new school year? We’re here to help! This free school supply printable shares the best deals and steals this year as well as a handful of teacher discounts to look out for. Disclaimer: PLS Classes is not affiliated with any of the retailers […]

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    Summer Reading Recommendations from PLS Instruc...

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Summer break is here. There are finally some extra hours in the day to spend doing the things that you like to do. One of the things we love most at PLS Classes is relaxing and getting lost in a good book. Today we’re sharing some summer […]

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    Portrait of a Graduate. Giving Students the Too...

    The word congratulations rings through the air like a clear peal of a bell, and suddenly the sky is filled with colorful caps reaching skyward. You look around and see the students whose academic, emotional, and social development you have been helping to sculpt, wildly grinning as they watch their graduation caps float and fall […]

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    Teaching Empathy to Students

    Empathy is defined by A Very Well Mind as, “the ability to emotionally understand what other people feel, see things from their point of view, and imagine yourself in their place” (Cherry, 2020). Many studies have been published asking if humans are born with empathy or if it’s something that is learned. In a recent […]

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    Understanding the Rotational Model of Learning

    Are you looking for a new teaching technique you can add to your arsenal to help your students maximize their understanding of core concepts? The rotational learning model has been proven successful as a technique to support concept reinforcement and practical application for students of any age. If you’ve heard the term but haven’t experienced […]

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    Top Ten Teacher Instagram Accounts

    Our team at PLS has been busy filling our Instagram feed full of accounts that make us feel JOY and teach us something new! Today we’re sharing that joy with you by showcasing our top 10 favorite teacher instagram accounts. Happy scrolling! 1. @PrimaryPunch Deana Kahlenberg, M.S. is a blogger, mom, teacher, and speech-language pathologist. […]

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    Reflecting on 2020 and Looking Ahead with Hope

    By Susan Corrie School leaders spend a large percentage of time during each school year planning and preparing for the next school year. As a rookie principal, I remember a veteran colleague sharing that “being a building principal is like trying to change the tires on a speeding semi.” Daily tasks and emergencies are intertwined […]

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    Create a Classroom Culture that Empowers Your S...

    Giving students more autonomy over their education and creating climates that foster student expression are growing priorities in K–12 education. The trend results from the intersection of personalized learning plans tailored to offer individualized experiences for optimal outcomes, and student-centered learning movements, which prioritize student needs over institutional goals. Regardless of its impetus, the goal […]

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