Take a few minutes to take our short Thanksgiving quiz to find out which dinner item from a Thanksgiving feast best describes your teaching style!


What subject do you teach?

What are you most thankful for?

What best matches your teaching style?

How do you encourage your students?

How would you best describe your classroom activities?

What’s your favorite part about being a teacher?

November Quiz for Teachers

You are the TURKEY! You are the star of the show… or in this case the classroom. You are always the center of attention with your engaging demonstrations and lessons. You have the support of the side dishes (students, aides, parents, etc.) to help you stay balanced and together you provide the feast!
Mashed Potatoes

You are the MASHED POTATOES! Your gentle and comforting nature creates a sense of warmth in the classroom. You don’t need to be a showstopper, but you play a huge role in the overall success of the meal (students).

You are the BISCUITS! You are the go-with-the-flow teacher. In terms of meal (lesson) preparation, you strive for efficiency and simplicity, putting those around you at ease.

You are the CORN! You are a sweet, vibrant teacher with a can-do attitude. Your versatility brings a pop of color and excitement to the dish (classroom).

You are the PIE! You are the memorable teacher that everyone loves and admires. You are highly recommended among students and at the end of the meal (school year), they wish they could come back for more.

You are the STUFFING! You are the anchor that holds the meal (class together). You fill your students with knowledge and support, and create an inclusive environment that’s sure to make any student thankful.

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