At PLS Classes, our self-paced courses are a popular option among many of our participants. As the name “self-paced” implies, you get to work at your own speed. Each course is fully facilitated by a master instructor and provides three or six hours of graduate credit. We offer a flexible start and end date, allowing you to work on your own schedule. Each course usually takes an average of 45-90 days to complete. Currently, we offer 10 different graduate level courses in this format.

Is self-paced right for you? Here are three reasons why you might want to consider this course format.

  1. Because you’re busy. We know that many of our participants are working teachers with many different roles and responsibilities inside and outside the classroom. We developed our self-paced course option to appeal to those individuals who cannot commit to set class times. You may have more time at night after the kids go to bed or perhaps on Saturday mornings. You may also have a break during the school or workday where you can work on your assignments. With self-paced, you pick the best time to learn.
  2. Because it’s less stressful. Some of the benefits of self-paced learning are greater knowledge retention. Since you aren’t under time constraints or pressure, your recall and understanding of the content improves. You might need more or less time depending on the content or concept, and that’s fine. With the Learning Management System that we use called Canvas, you can easily go back and review lessons or other content until you’ve mastered it.
  3. Because you’ll have more time to practice and reflect upon your learning. Self-paced learning supports inductive thinking which means that it facilitates getting a better understanding about the information presented and allowing you the opportunity to come up with conclusions based on that information. Many of the ideas you will learn are immediately applicable to the classroom. So you can learn a concept one day, put it into practice the next, and then formulate your own learning and understanding while you reflect upon that key concept.

“PLS Classes provided a meaningful educational experience that I could immediately implement into my classroom practices as an educator. The self-paced courses allowed me to easily work around my busy schedule as a teacher!”
— Jordan D., Building a Professional Network™ Self-Paced Course Participant

Find a self-paced course and start anytime!

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