We have some exciting news to share with you today! 

At PLS Classes, we’re always striving to make sure our courses are relevant and updated for today’s busy teacher. Today, we’re happy to announce that the PLS Class, Successful Teaching for Acceptance of Responsibility™ (STAR) is now available in an on-site and remote learning format and we’ve made some major updates to enhance your course experience. 

What is STAR? STAR prepares you to create a classroom environment in which students are taught to think, communicate, and act with responsibility and character in order to learn, problem-solve, and make choices that enhance success.

In this updated course, you will:

  • Experience strategies that will help you to develop responsibility in students who are low in Personal Power or low in Mental Models.
  • Learn how to develop self-responsibility in students using Direct Teaching, T-Charts, Curriculum Connections, and Social-Emotional Activities.
  • Discover how to use Modeling and Teacher Talk to develop responsible behaviors and enforce accountability.
  • Design activities that promote self-responsible learning, thinking, communication, actions, solution-seeking, and character.

After taking Successful Learning for Acceptance of Responsibility, you and your students will all shine in the realm of self-responsibility (like STARS). Explore these relevant strategies by enrolling in an on-site or remote learning course today!

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