We are offering two 4-week accelerated courses starting on February 2nd. Our 4-week courses have been designed to meet the demands of busy teachers. Earn graduate credit that you can apply to your master’s degree program.

Differentiated Instruction for Today’s Classroom™
In this course, you’ll acquire key knowledge, skills, and strategies to differentiate instruction in your classroom. Explore practical techniques for differentiating content, process, and product to meet students’ diverse learning needs.  Discover how to analyze data to guide instruction and design meaningful learning experiences.

“You can’t imagine how much this class has meant to me. Before this class, I would have argued that I already differentiated my instruction. I realize now I didn’t really know what that meant. The tools are very useful, and the modules work very well and give us practice. The forums help us to know we are on the right track, and the assignments are not busy work, but learning experiences. I’m very pleased with the level of education I’m getting.”

— Jack R.

Facilitating Online Learning Communities™
Gain the necessary tools to nurture a reflective and successful online learning community by practicing online communication skills, managing assessments and feedback appropriately, analyzing and solving problems, and creating a plan of action. You’ll also focus on engaging diverse learners and handling conflict constructively. 

“Knowing that this was an online course, I didn’t expect so much student and instructor interaction. I enjoyed how much the students and instructor participated in discussions. I feel like I got to know so much about everyone without ever meeting them in person. That’s exactly how it should be!”

— Audrey B.

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