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Together with Andrews University we are pleased to announce that the following PLS course will now be offered in a remote learning format in January 2021:

Meaningful Activities to Generate Interesting Classrooms™ (MAGIC)
Acquire firsthand experience designing new and interesting activity-based lessons that unlock the creative minds of students and teachers alike. Engage in a variety of interactive learning activities that can be immediately implemented in the classroom. Learn to evaluate and refine activity-based lessons using specific criteria.

MAGIC is one of our most popular courses because of its interactive, activity-based delivery. Class participants find that the activities are ones that can be adapted to a multitude of content areas.

Here’s a sneak peek of a few of the activities you’ll engage in throughout the course and can turnkey into activities to use in your classroom, whether face-to-face, virtual, or hybrid:

  • Opening activities. Discover motivational hooks that engage the brain and motivate learners, such as the Third Eyeball activity.
  • Intriguing activities. Explore how to add mystery to a content area in order to enhance motivation, such as our History Mystery activity.
  • Innovative activities. Examine the importance of innovation in the classroom with our Design the Desk of the Future and Community Architecture activities.

At PLS Classes, we say:
Learn it today. Use it tomorrow.

Former participant Sonja G. said, “Meaningful Activities to Generate Interesting Classrooms™ was one of the best and most useful classes I’ve ever taken. You’ll love coming to class and participating in the same activities you can use in your classroom the very next day.”

Enroll now for January 2021.

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