Students focusedLast month we announced a new master’s program available through our partner Mercyhurst University. With the M.S. in Teaching Excellence, you can enhance your skills as a master educator while earning credit through PDE endorsements, teaching experience, and PLS coursework.

The following are some FAQs to help you determine if this program is right for you!

FAQs about the Master’s in Teaching Excellence Program

  1. Who is this program designed for? This program is for certified teachers in grades K-12.
  2. Can classes be used to fulfill my Act 48 requirements? Yes! This program offers a highly innovative and customizable path to a master’s degree while also allowing you to fulfill your Act 48 requirements.
  3. Is the program flexible? Yes! You can earn credit toward your master’s degree through personalized pathways that meet your needs, interests, and professional goals. Options include PLS coursework, PDE endorsements, teaching experience, transfer credits, and graduate electives. To search and register for PLS coursework including online, on-site, and self-paced courses, visit:
  4. How many credit hours do I need to complete? This program requires the completion of thirty (30) credits. Fifteen (15) of the thirty (30) credits are earned through required coursework, and the remainder may be fulfilled through PLS Classes coursework, teaching experience, PDE endorsements, or transfer credits from other graduate programs. Visit our site to find a list of courses and explore course requirements and electives.
  5. How do I apply? Apply for the M.S. in Teaching Excellence program on the Mercyhurst website:
  6. Can I apply PDE endorsements toward my degree? Yes, the following Pennsylvania Department of Education endorsements can be completed and can count toward your master’s:
    • Instructional Coaching Endorsement (9 credits)
    • Online Design Endorsement (12 credits)
    • ELL Program Specialist Certificate (18 credits)
    • Autism Endorsement (12 credits)
    • Teaching Leadership (12 credits)
  7. What happens after my application is accepted? Once your application is accepted, you will be able to register for the program’s five core courses through the Mercyhurst website.
    • EDSE 500 – Foundation of Pedagogy & Practice
    • EDSE 610 – 21st Century Literacies
    • EDU 670 – Internship
    • EDSP 502 – Educational Research
    • EDSE 676 – Thesis

Do you have other questions?

Please contact Dr. Amy Burniston at or 814-824-2437 for program information, or the PLS registration office at or 866-757-2527 for PLS course questions.

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