“The timing of the course fits perfectly into current events.”

“Through this course, I learned strategies to educate students on multicultural awareness.”

“I better understand the concepts of privilege and racism and how they are widespread.”

Have you ever wondered how your sphere of influence, your individual identity, and your culture impact your teaching and student learning? By understanding how your role influences student achievement, you can act as an agent of change for social justice.

In this recently updated online course, you’ll examine diversity and multicultural classrooms through multiple perspectives—and explore how your cultural lens influences your relationships with students and families.

In addition, Cultural Competence: A Transformative Journey™ provides you with opportunities to:

  1. Gain valuable insight on such key topics as race, culture, religion, ageism, ability bias, social class, gender identity, and sexual orientation.
  2. Glean practical teaching strategies from current resources that can be applied in onsite, online, and hybrid learning environments to support diverse student populations.
  3. Experience common learning disabilities from your students’ perspectives and view student interviews that will augment your understanding and further inform your current practice.
  4. Explore resources that will foster engaging interactions with other educators, prompt you to challenge your classmates’ and your assumptions, and encourage you to reflect meaningfully on your individual beliefs.
  5. Reflect on both your own personal development in a quest for greater cultural competence and the development of others who are within your sphere of influence.

Overall, this course is sure to open your eyes and broaden your perspective as an educator.

We will be offering this course this spring in a 7-week online format.

Online Courses Start February 23rd and March 9th.

Enroll today.

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