Wilkes University has been named one of the best Master’s in Online Teaching degree programs by Intelligent.com, a trusted resource for online degree rankings and higher education planning.

In their list of the top 35 regionally accredited institutions offering a M.S. in Online Teaching, Intelligent.com ranked Wilkes University at number 15 based on cost, reputation, outcomes, faculty, and flexibility. Over 400 programs from 196 accredited colleges and universities were assessed. Wilkes received an “Intelligent Score” of 81.91 (out of 100) with an estimated cost of $517 per credit and Accelerated Courses highlighted as a standout feature for students.

You can view the full list of The Best Online Master’s in Online Teaching Degree Programs here.

According to Intelligent.com, students who pursue an M.S. in Online Teaching can expect to gain employment quicker than candidates without a degree.

The Master’s in Online Teaching is offered in partnership with PLS Classes and prepares educators for careers in education, focusing on how to design, manage, and assess digital learning environments. Wilkes University and PLS Classes have been partners since 1978.

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