Please help us extend a warm welcome to Darnell Decker and Brittany Ranck, the two newest on-site instructors to join the PLS Classes team. Both instructors will be teaching a total of three different courses through our partner Mercyhurst University this fall! What follows is a little background on each instructor as well as information about the courses they are teaching.

Welcome Darnell Decker!

Ms. Decker joins PLS with over 22 years of in-classroom teaching experience! She is certified in elementary and special education and holds a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction. She has taught within the Crawford Central School District her entire career and currently works at Second District Elementary School in Meadville, Pennsylvania where she teaches 4th and 5th grade math.

At PLS, many of our instructors are past participants — including Ms. Decker who notes, “I had taken several PLS classes myself over the years and always felt that not only were they very beneficial in my day to day classroom routines, but carried over into my family life as well. It just felt like the right time to start sharing my knowledge with others.”

When asked what she likes most about teaching, Ms. Decker replied, “I like working with kids, especially the more at-risk kids. I like the routine and structure that teaching provides not only the students, but myself as well. This organization will carry throughout their lives and I love being a model for them in this area.”

Ms. Decker lives with her husband and four children Brad (18), Reese (16), Aubrey (13), and Brennan (11). She hopes to show her children that no matter what stage of life you are at — trying new things and stretching your boundaries keeps you fresh and you should never shy away from challenges. This seemed especially true as her oldest is heading off to college this fall.

You can earn graduate credit taking a class with Ms. Decker though Mercyhurst University this fall:

Successful Teaching for Acceptance of Responsibility®
Join Ms. Decker and discover how to create a classroom environment in which responsible behavior is modeled, taught, and supported. Gain new techniques and strategies that empower students to become self-directed and responsible learners positioned for success.
This class starts September 27th and meets 6 times at the Meadville Hampton Inn.
> Enroll today

Welcome Brittany Ranck!

Ms. Ranck taught secondary English for over six years including teaching 10th grade Language Arts at Central Cambria High School in Ebensburg, PA. As a mom with two small boys ages 2 and 4, Ms. Ranck decided to pursue a position with PLS because she loves to teach and would like to give back to other teachers and share what she has learned along the way. She also hopes to be able to give participants the tools to grow and improve in their practices with each passing year.

When asked what she enjoys most about teaching, Ms. Ranck replied, “I most enjoyed seeing students thrive in my room when other teachers had given them up as lost causes. With much needed attention and high expectations of every student, I found that students want to do well and continue to try once they find that they can indeed be successful.”

In her spare time, Ms. Ranck loves to teach her two boys new things and enjoys the outdoors. You might find her running with her double jogger, hiking, kayaking, and gardening.

Ms. Ranck will be offering classes in the spring of 2020.

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