The School of Education at Wilkes University and PLS Classes are pleased to offer a new PDE endorsement in Instructional Coaching. We developed this endorsement because current research shows a direct connection between educational environments that utilize instructional coaching and teachers’ effectiveness and job satisfaction. In addition, instructional coaching has been shown to have a positive influence over student’s academic and social success.

This four course (12 credit) engagement includes 30 hours of embedded field experience. Course content is designed to support educators in a sustainable cycle that enables them to continuously enhance their own instructional practices and those of their colleagues.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Strengthen the culture of teaching and learning in their school or district.
  • Use data-driven instruction to guide teaching and learning outcomes.
  • Transfer knowledge to encourage standards-based reform.
  • Support other educators with practical strategies for classroom management, content enhancement, instruction, and assessment.
  • Craft action plans for improving teacher practice while enhancing expertise and performance.
  • Develop an organizational structure for curricular change and an organizational vision around personalized student success.

Dr. Rhonda Rabbitt, Dean, School of Education at Wilkes University said, “We learn best when engaging with another human being, when making our learning active. This is true for children and also applies to the teachers teaching them. As the world of education transforms today, it is critically important to have skilled facilitators of professional development in schools—teachers who model, reflect, ask guiding questions, challenge assumptions, offer safe space for questions. Instructional coaches support the development of high quality, caring teachers at every grade level, pre-K-12, driving advancement of instructional practices to positively impact all students.”

“PLS Classes is proud to partner with Wilkes University for the instructional coaching PDE endorsement. During the engagements, instructional coaches will discover practical strategies and skills that they can immediately use with teachers, administrators, students, and stakeholders in their schools with an end goal of improving student achievement,” said Dr. Christine Juhasz, Senior VP for Professional Growth at PLS 3rd Learning.

The instructional coaching endorsement is appropriate for administrators and teachers. It can exist as a stand-alone endorsement or a component of a Master’s in Education degree.

Find out more or enroll today.

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