Together with our partner Indiana Wesleyan University, we are pleased to announce that we are now offering the following courses in a new remote learning format. Our new remote learning course format is an online learning experience that is fully facilitated. Each course leverages technology solutions, synchronous sessions, and virtual learning experiences and typically run for two to four weeks. All courses are three credit hours and are graduate level. View all remote learning courses available at IWU or scroll down for more specific course information.

Five New Remote Learning Courses

Achieving Student Outcomes Through Cooperative Learning™

Discover how to set up, monitor, and debrief cooperative learning activities while fostering students’ interpersonal skills. Develop learning starters that immediately involve students in specific learning tasks. Explore how students use problem-solving, teamwork, shared decision-making, self-evaluation, and effective communication to build 21st-century skills. Two sessions are offered this summer. Register today.

Collaborative Inquiry for Students: Preparing Minds for the Future™

Design collaborative inquiry experiences that develop 21st-century skills. Explore strategies for teaching collaboration, teamwork, and decision making via real-world inquiry experiences based on essential questions. Explore the various models of collaborative inquiry—such as problem-based learning, project-based learning, appreciative inquiry, and live-event learning—that develop the skills students need now and in the future. Two sessions are offered this summer. Register today.

Designing Motivation for All Learners®

Investigate the dimensions of motivation and explore a variety of motivational classroom strategies designed to support content and enhance student engagement. Evaluate your strengths as a motivational leader, assess the qualities of a motivational classroom environment, and support your students in becoming confident, self-directed, and successful learners. Three sessions are offered this summer. Register today.

Strategies for the Inclusive Classroom™

Establish an inclusive classroom community that ensures meaningful learning for all students. Explore strategies, resources, and instructional practices designed to support the general population while simultaneously meeting the unique and specific needs of exceptional learners. Two sessions are offered this summer. Register today.

Student Engagement and Standards-Based Learning™

Optimize student engagement and achievement by developing high-yield learning activities aligned to standards and process skills. Experience a variety of standards-based activities (aligned with CCSS) that correlate to all levels of cognitive thinking. Develop standards-based activities designed to engage learners and foster 21st-century skills. Three sessions are offered this summer. Register today.


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