Mercyhurst University LogoMercyhurst University has partnered with PLS 3rd Learning (PLS Classes/PLS) to offer certified teachers in Pennsylvania a new Master of Science in Teaching Excellence designed as a personalized option for continuing education and fulfilling ACT 48 hours.

Teaching Excellence includes five core courses that total fifteen credit hours as well as fifteen hours of electives. Elective credit hours can be earned through online and on-site PLS courses, graduate electives, graduate transfer credits, and PDE endorsements. Additionally, participants can earn up to six credits for teaching experience.

Accelerated courses, which take four weeks to complete, along with four self-paced, fully-facilitated courses, are also available exclusively online through PLS Classes. Tuition starts at $500 for teachers working in PA schools or teachers who are U.S. veterans.

PLS courses are designed to align with educator’s professional goals, allowing participants to personalize their graduate experience as they engage in interactive instruction and discussion with experienced master educators and discover evidence-based strategies that can be immediately applied in their own classrooms.

Interested educators can learn more at, or by contacting Angela Dunham-McNamara at or 610-289-2760. Apply for free at

Our Courses

For more information about this program, and for a list of PLS courses offered through Mercyhurst University, please visit our website.

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