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Since the pandemic started, it is safe to say that we all deserve a good laugh. During our many unoccupied hours of quarantine, TikTok became an outlet that brought people from all around the world together through short, one-minute videos. It not only has become a huge source of entertainment, but it has also taught us new things and became an engaging platform that has launched users into newfound fame.

Teachers have been using this social platform as a way to connect with their students and other educators and many teachers have earned stardom through their accounts with millions of followers. The content that these teachers create will have you laughing, learning, and engaged as they follow along with popular trends such as dances and revealing teaching hacks.

Disclaimer: TikTok will have you scrolling for hours, so we thought it would be helpful to share our top ten teacher TikTok accounts to get you started with some must-see content.


Lauran Woolley is a 5th grade teacher and TikTok star. With a whopping 4.6 million followers, Lauran uses her account to vlog about what the day in the life of a 5th-grade teacher looks like, participate in the latest Tik Tok trends, and interact with her followers by answering questions from the comment section.

What we love the most: With her perky demeanor, Woolley connects with her followers and students on a personal level through her account.

@mrs.woolleyin5thWhat’s your favorite side dish to eat on Thanksgiving? #dayinthelife #dayinmylove #vlog #dailyvlog #teachersoftiktok #ceoofclassparties #party♬ FEEL THE GROOVE – Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

2. mr.mctiktok

Kevin McClintock is a middle/high school teacher and TikTok sensation. During quarantine, McClintock joined TikTok to connect with his students. With his popular roast battles with students and the way he reenacts how his students behave in class, his page went viral with 2.2 million followers.

What we love the most: McClintock creates a playful environment, incorporating his students in trendy activities. He’s the guy we’d count on to learn how to make teaching fun.

Similar account: jknight5253

@mr.mctiktokWhen the well behaved and quieter student comes ready to roast you @cup_cat_parker #forme #itstheforme #teachersvsstudents♬ Roasted by my best student – Kevin McClintock

3. thatnewteacher

Brooke Rogers is a middle school English teacher who uses TikTok to share the reality of being a middle school teacher. She turns popular TikTok trends into her own and shares content that will bring smiles to people’s faces.

What we love the most: Not only does Rogers share activity ideas, tips, and participates in fun trends, but she also reenacts moments that she experiences with her students, making her videos both hilarious and relatable.

@thatnewteacher#teachersarehuman ♬ Begin Again – Taylor Swift

4. Sparklesandsprink

Debrice Hill is a first grade teacher and CEO of Teacher to Teacher Magazine. With her energetic personality, Debrice shares a variety of activities and lessons that she implements in her classroom.

What we love the most: From practicing jingles with her students to helpful classroom tips for teachers, Hill’s liveliness shines throughout her page. Her enthusiasm is amplified by her students who are eager to participate alongside her.

@sparklesandsprink#teachersoftiktok #teachertipvideos #teachertiptok #teachertips #firstgrade #firstgradeteacher #elementaryteacher #teacher #makinglearningfun #tiktok♬ original sound – sparklesandsprinkles

5. stephanie_nash

Stephanie Nash is a first grade teacher and mom. Stephanie’s content is filled with tips and tricks for teachers to create a fun and organized learning environment. Through her account, she shares seasonal activities and ways to decorate your classroom to build a sense of community.

What we love the most: If you’re looking to improve your classroom decor and for ways to engage elementary students, Stephanie’s page should be your go-to! She reveals simple hacks for all classroom teachers.

@stephanie_nashThe cutest Thanksgiving Bulletin! #teachersoftiktok #teachertips #firstgradeteacher #classroomideas #bulletinboard #thanksgiving♬ Thanksgiving Day INSTRUMENTAL-JP – Ye Olde Data Plan

6. fancynancyin5th

Nancy Chung is a 5th grade teacher and talented crafter. Nancy’s content illustrates her creative side through all the crafty projects she walks her followers through. She also loves a good laugh which is evident throughout her page.

What we love the most: In addition to her creative classroom activities and decor ideas, Chung also shares projects that could be implemented at home!

@fancynancyin5thBook Tasting anyone? #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner #tiktokteachers #booktasting #teachers #CinderellaMovie #books #reading♬ Italian Dinner Party – Italian Restaurant Music of Italy

7. the_mrskelly

Deidre Denise Kelly is a math teacher, mom, and entertainer. Deidre’s content displays practical math and classroom advice, calming ASMR classroom clips, and engaging exercises that she implements in her classroom.

What we love the most: Apart from sharing math and classroom hacks, Deidre uses her platform to illustrate how she makes the best out of a long school day. From making us laugh by interrupting other teachers’ classes to fun activities she does with her own class.

@the_mrskellyWhat should be the next game we play for points? #classroomgames #classroomfun #archery #StudentSectionSauce♬ FEEL THE GROOVE – Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

8. jennagrigsby

Jenna Grigsby is a teacher, child advocate, and will soon be teaching English abroad. With her educational background, Jenna uses her platform to demonstrate creative tips for teaching English as a second language.

What we love the most: Since teaching English is Grigsby’s main concentration she acknowledges different ways to teach spelling, grammar, and pronunciation to students through her content.

@jennagrigsbyReply to @happines_lives_here And a lot of people still pronounce it this way! #spellingwithmissjenna #scienceofreading #sightwords #spelling♬ original sound – Jenna Grigsby

9. bcholeman

Brandon Holeman is a former middle school teacher and motivational mastermind. Brandon shares heartfelt, funny, and relatable stories based on his experiences as a teacher. In 2020, Holeman made a TikTok about empathizing with students and how they should be able to rest in class. The video went viral, accumulating over 7.4 million likes. You can check it out below!

What we love the most: Not only does Holeman share his words of wisdom with other educators, but he even includes examples to back them up from his own experiences.

@bcholemanThis is for all the teachers and students out there. Life can hit hard, and we all need some grace. #teacher #middleschool #fyp #foryou #studyhacks♬ original sound – vision wise

10. giftedteacher305

Tanya Diaz is an elementary science teacher and student engagement wizard. From teaching tips to sharing her creative classroom activities and decor, Diaz’s content will spark your imaginative side!

What we love the most: Diaz goes above and beyond when it comes to student engagement. She transforms her classroom into things that are out of this world as seen in the video below.

@giftedteacher305How do you sprinkle magic in the classroom? #teachersoftiktok #teachertip #classroomdecor #classroomflip #teaching♬ BOOM – Tiësto & Sevenn

Did we miss any?

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