Our team at PLS has been busy filling our Instagram feed full of accounts that make us feel JOY and teach us something new! Today we’re sharing that joy with you by showcasing our top 10 favorite teacher instagram accounts. Happy scrolling!

1. @PrimaryPunch

Deana Kahlenberg, M.S. is a blogger, mom, teacher, and speech-language pathologist. Her instagram account is packed full of learning games and ideas for elementary school students.

What we love most: Deana makes sure to include plenty of seasonal themed activities and book recommendations that are both fun and engaging. If you’re looking for some new ideas and inspiration, this account has you covered.

2. @HeadOverHeelsForTeaching

Joanne Miller, a blogger, mom of 3, and 4th grade teacher. Her Instagram account shares fun and interesting ways that she gets her students engaged in learning. She has a large following on TeachersPayTeachers, which promotes her different events and resources that she has created. Joanne has been featured in a Scholastic article which showcases the effort she makes to create an engaging classroom.

What we love most: Joanne’s passion in teaching shows through her account. She shares the different strategies that she uses to make her classroom into a fun learning environment. If you are looking for ways to make your classroom fun and engaging, check it out.

3. @mrvissersclass

Derek Visser is an instructional coach and picture book lover. Whether you are looking for a good book to fit into your lesson plans or some funny memes that will have you laughing, but giving you motivation, then this is the account you should follow!

What we love most: Mr. Visser shows off his unique sense of humor with over 10K followers.. He balances a fun yet inspirational account for all teachers and students.

4. @mrs.woolleyin5th

Lauran Woolley is a 5th grade teacher, Tik Tok influencer, and YouTuber. Her Instagram is full of her taking part in all of the latest Tik Tok trends and sharing what the day in the life of a 5th grade teacher looks like. If you’re looking for content that is relatable and will make you laugh, her account is for you!

What we love most: Lauran uses both her Tik Tok and Instagram platforms to connect with her students and followers on a personal-level. She shares her real life experiences — the good, the bad, and the fun that she gets out of teaching.

Similar accounts worth mentioning: @mr_mayonnaise_ , @funny_math_teacher, @veryferriscience

5. @maniacsinthemiddle

Josie Bensko is a 6th grade science teacher and blogger. Josie’s instagram is filled with science and creative STEM activities for your middle school students.

What we love the most: Josie shares ways on how she tries to make teaching science through a computer screen exciting for her students. She has examples of experiments where she explains how they work through her captions and video clips.

Similar accounts worth mentioning: @sharpthebuilder, @naomimeredith_

6. @makingastatementinsped

Erin Castillo is a special education teacher who specializes in mental health and mental health. She’s also a wife and mom. Erin’s instagram posts are focused around the subject of mental health. She uses quotes and colorful images to brighten up her page and her follower’s day. She is the creator of the “Mental Health Check-In Chart” and has even been featured on GMA and The Kelly Clarkson Show.

What we love the most: During these very unprecedented times for teachers, students, and everyone worldwide, her posts are aimed at self-care and motivation to keep you and your students inspired and positive.

Similar accounts worth mentioning: @TeachCreateMotivate & @TeachCreateMotivatePodcast

7. @thetututeacher

Vera Ahiyya is a Kindergarten teacher, book influencer, and blogger. Her instagram shines a light on different children’s books where she even shares pages and will often read off snippets of them.

What we love the most: The books that Vera promotes often contain themes of diversity and understanding. She has a saved story on her page for a list of diverse children books.


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8. @growing_with_glynn

Hailey Glynn is a first grade teacher and bestselling author. Struggling on how to make virtual learning engaging and exciting? Hailey’s Instagram is a great backbone to bounce ideas off of! She shares videos on her account of all the fun interactive activities that she does with her students.

What we love the most: Hailey not only shares her fun activities to do while virtual learning on her account, but she also created a children’s book, “When Virona the Corona Came to Town” which she focuses on helping children cope with COVID-19. Her instagram spotlights her new book and plenty of great ways to help students escape the stress from the pandemic.

9. @littlemisskimsclass

Miss Kim is an elementary special education teacher. From teaching tips and tricks to distance learning resources and activities for students, Kim’s Instagram is as helpful as they come!

What we love the most: Instead of sharing tips and tricks through photos, Kim uses Instagram video reels to her advantage. This allows her followers and fellow teachers to see the process behind her engaging activities and gives it a sense of liveliness.

10. @iteachalgebra

Rory Yakubov is an Algebra and Geometry math teacher. If you are a mathematician, then add this page to follow on your account!

What we love the most: Rory’s Instagram page content is concentrated on students gaining a greater knowledge about algebra/geometry and teachers gaining classroom skills. Her page contains video clips that are from her Tik Tok account where she does step-by-step walkthroughs on different lessons and tips.

Your Turn

What are your favorite Instagram accounts to follow? Comment below and tell us why we should follow them!

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