Spring is just around the corner! Do you remember learning the phrase, “March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb” in grade school? We do too! Now it’s your turn to pass on this phrase (and the hope of warmer weather) to your K-3 students. To help, our team created a fun printable activity to share with your students.

The purpose behind our March printable is to engage your K-3 students in an activity so that they learn the basics about the weather change that occurs in the month of March. The hands-on activity also has them practicing adjectives and creative thinking.

The first part of the activity is one that you, the teacher, should walk them through and help them with, if needed. Without any explanation, ask them what they think the phrase means and have them write down their answer. Then, get them thinking about the different adjectives that describe both a lion and a lamb. This information will help them identify which animal to cut and glue onto their weather calendar throughout the month of March.

If your students get stuck thinking of adjectives here are a few examples:

Lion- Fierce, Strong, Powerful

Lamb- Gentle, Quiet, Calm

March, March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. What do you think this means? List adjectives that describe a lion. List adjectives that describe a lamb. download print version below.

Download the PLS March printable in color or our print-friendly version in black and white.

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