Welcome back to school, teachers!

We know how challenging it can be to help ease student’s nerves and anxiety on the first day in their new classroom environment. So what better way to break the ice than with an engaging game of BINGO!

Back-to-School Nerves

Back-to-school season is nerve-wracking enough for students–add on the additional anxiety that the pandemic has caused, and it makes the process of re-entering the classroom just that more challenging.

As advocates of student’s mental health, teachers must take the time to recognize the anxiety that students may face on their first day in their new classroom environment. In a survey conducted last year by the Research Village, 66% of parents say that their children reported feeling concern or anxiety about going back to school.

This back-to-school printable encourages students to socialize at their own pace all while engaging in a fun game of BINGO.

Download the back-to-school printable in color or our print-friendly version in black and white.

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