With the second semester (or third marking period) in full swing, it is safe to say week-long breaks are essential for both teachers and students. Before heading into a well-deserved Spring break, give your students the opportunity to focus on making attainable and fun short-term goals. To help organize these short-term goals, we’ve created this free goal setting printable. This printable is designed to help students plan and set aside time to relax and focus on themselves during their time off. Some examples of short term goals include reading, exploring something new, or writing in a journal.

Setting short-term goals can benefit students in many ways such as minimizing procrastination, improving their focus, boosting self-confidence, and increasing their motivation.

Prior to this activity, a short lesson or summary about short-time goals is encouraged, depending on the grade level.

Download the free spring break goal setting printable in color or our print-friendly version in black and white.

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