In honor of Earth Day, we’re sharing these free printables to help you introduce some ways in which you can encourage your students to help take care of our planet.

Please note, the following grade levels are suggestions. Students can complete either activity regardless of grade.

Earth Day Search & Find

Grade Levels: K-1

According to Scholastic, search and find or iSpy activities help students build working memory, enhance visual discrimination, and entice reluctant readers. In our Earth Day Search & Find printable, students are asked to find the objects in the image bank in the picture below. This activity is an opportunity to start the conversation about littering and its impact on our planet.

Earth Day Clean Up

Grade Levels: 2-4

In this activity, students are tasked with identifying and sorting which of the items at the bottom of the worksheet are trash versus recyclable. The goal of this activity is to help them develop a better understanding of different materials, the appropriate receptacle for those materials, and the importance of recycling.

Download these free Earth Day printables in color or our print-friendly version in black and white.

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