Just as students seek out the latest gadgets and innovations in technology, teachers across the country also benefit from advancements in digital learning that facilitate effective instruction and encourage students to learn to the best of their abilities. To inspire your search for the latest technology to blend or differentiate your instructional methods, we’ve compiled a list of some of the hottest tech tools that are making an impact in the classroom.

Flipgrid – This social learning tool allows teachers to pose a question to an online community of students, who can then provide their answers via a short video. In a time when young people are using video to engage in and learn about the world around them, Flipgrid facilitates meaningful discussions using the tools that motivate students. The platform can also be used among networks of faculty and staff to stimulate professional dialogue.

Pear Deck Vocabulary – This online tool is helping to transform the way students learn and comprehend vocabulary terms. Pear Deck turns vocabulary study sessions into a collaborative, game-like experience by challenging partnered students to create dynamic flashcards using drawings and definitions.

TechSmith Relay’s Flipped Classroom Platform – If you are interested in the potential learning benefits of a flipped classroom approach but do not have the technical capabilities to record lectures and dynamic content, TechSmith Relay has created a flipped classroom platform to make it easy to create dynamic lessons. The software allows teachers to record presentations, lectures, and content from their desktop, host the material, and monitor which students watch the recordings. TechSmith Relay even integrates with learning management systems (LMS) like Canvas, Schoology, and Blackboard for greater convenience and efficiency.

Lessoncase Locker – This digital platform allows students and teachers to collaboratively capture and document students’ work throughout the year to demonstrate growth and assess learning progress. Students’ digital portfolios can be shared with parents. Portfolios can also be attached to applications and resumes for summer programs and internships.

Nearpod – If you work in a district that issues iPads to students, Nearpod assists you in keeping students engaged in your lessons plans. Create interactive, dynamic presentations and slide decks that synchronize with students’ iPads, putting your content in their hands and enabling them to follow along as you teach. You can also incorporate questions, polls, quizzes, drawing assignments, and other elements to encourage in-class student participation and reinforce concepts.

Peergrade – This tool enables constructive, anonymous peer reviews, helping students learn how to assess performance and provide impactful feedback and analysis. Create an assignment, allow students to upload their work—whether it be a Word document or video—and fellow students can then easily comment and provide feedback.

As new technologies continue to emerge, teachers will continue to be challenged to find ways to evolve their teaching methods. By continually finding innovative technology tools for the classroom, you will continue to help your students to be engaged learners who leave your class at the end of the year more informed and prepared for the next challenge that their education brings.

Disclaimer: PLS Classes is not connected with and does not endorse any of the above technologies.

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