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For over 40 years, our commitment to providing outstanding research-based graduate education classes, professional development, educational products, and resources has helped generations of K-12 teachers bring out the best in their students. 

PLS Classes offers graduate courses for educators through our partnerships with colleges and universities in the US. Our online, on-site, remote learning, hybrid, and facilitated self-paced courses are taught by experienced K-12 instructors.

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Our catalog includes 36 graduate courses in nine different concentration areas covering both the fundamentals and innovations in education. Learn strategies you can apply the very next day. 

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Whether you’re looking to take a class for license renewal, movement on the salary scale, or as part of an advanced degree program through one of our college and university partners, PLS Classes is an affordable and convenient way to reach your professional goals.

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Choose from 40+ graduate courses designed to engage you in interactive instruction and discussion with personal assistance from experienced master facilitators.

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PLS Instructors

Our instructors are not only adjunct faculty members of our college and university partners – they are also dedicated educators who know first-hand the challenges you face every day. 

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In addition to our amazing instructors, PLS Classes has a team including instructional designers, educators, and web developers, who are mission-driven and focused on making PLS Classes the best it can be for our partners and participants

About Our Parent Company, PLS 3rd Learning:

PLS 3rd Learning (PLS) is an organization dedicated to continuous improvement in K-12 schools by combining leading-edge thinking in education with advanced information and communications technologies. We focus on the development of web-based systems and professional learning approaches that promote and enhance educator effectiveness. 

To learn more about PLS, please visit PLS3rdLearning.com or explore our various education-driven initiatives below:

PLS 3rd Learning
PLS 3rd Learning logo and team members working

PLS 3rd Learning

At PLS 3rd Learning, we help educators and schools reach their full potential through web-based systems and professional learning opportunities. As the parent company of PLS CLasses, our team is dedicated to continuous improvement in K-12 schools by combining leading-edge thinking in education with advanced information and communications technologies. 

AAIE Institute
AAIE Institute for International School Leadership logo and participants learning

The AAIE Institute for International School Leadership

Since 2012, the AAIE Institute for International School Leadership has offered online courses for new and aspiring international school leaders. Currently, we offer seven online courses that address key issues and challenges of international school leadership. We also offer a fellowship program, and master’s and doctorate degree options through Wilkes University.

Academy for Educators
Academy for Educators logo and typing on laptop

Academy for Educators

The Academy for Educators delivers professional development and other resources to support K-12 teachers and leaders.

Steve Barkley 
Steve Barkley Education Consultant logo and Steve Barkley headshot

Steve Barkley

For the past 40 years, Steve has served as an educational consultant to school districts, teacher organizations, state departments of education, and colleges and universities nationally and internationally, facilitating the changes necessary for them to reach students and successfully prepare them for the 21st century. A prolific published author, his weekly blog and podcast, Steve Barkley Ponders Out Loud, has evolved into a go-to resource for teachers and administrators all over the world. Steve is also the Chief Learning Officer and Executive VP at PLS 3rd Learning and offers professional development with a focus on instructional coaching.

SuperEval logo and School Admin meeting


SuperEval offers reflective and evidence-based evaluations for a school district’s entire leadership team. Our online platform provides superintendents, school boards, principals/assistant principals, central office administrators, building level administrators, and support staff a means to deepen conversations which results in advancing district objectives and promoting healthy leadership teams.

NY Learns
NY Learns logo and students learning

NY Learns

NYLearns is a standards-based system that offers learning standards, curriculum management tools, assessment building, and instructional resources to every school district in New York State.