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Month: March 2022

News & Events

International Children’s Book Giveaway

To celebrate International Children’s Book Day on April 2nd, we want to give you the opportunity to win some new books for your classroom (or for yourself)! Simply follow the instructions below to be entered for the chance to win a $25 Barnes & Noble eGift Card.* One winner will be randomly selected Monday, April […]

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Just for Fun

Easy as Pi Activities

March 14th is Pi (π) Day! Pi Day was established by physicist Larry Shaw in 1988. Pi is the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle, meaning that regardless of the circle’s size, the ratio will always equal pi. Fun fact: Did you know that 3.14 is also famed mathematician Albert Einstein’s […]

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Free Print Materials

Free Spring Break Goal Setting Printable

With the second semester (or third marking period) in full swing, it is safe to say week-long breaks are essential for both teachers and students. Before heading into a well-deserved Spring break, give your students the opportunity to focus on making attainable and fun short-term goals. To help organize these short-term goals, we’ve created this […]

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Great Ideas in Teaching

Teaching Empathy to Students

Empathy is defined by A Very Well Mind as, “the ability to emotionally understand what other people feel, see things from their point of view, and imagine yourself in their place” (Cherry, 2020). Many studies have been published asking if humans are born with empathy or if it’s something that is learned. In a recent […]

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PLS Course Spotlight

Help Your Students Shine Like a STAR!

We have some exciting news to share with you today!  At PLS Classes, we’re always striving to make sure our courses are relevant and updated for today’s busy teacher. Today, we’re happy to announce that the PLS Class, Successful Teaching for Acceptance of Responsibility™ (STAR) is now available in an on-site and remote learning format […]

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Tips for Teachers

10 Stores That Offer Teacher Discounts

According to the New York Times in 2016, 94% of public school teachers spent their own money on classroom supplies. Extra paper, crayons, prize box fillers, classroom decor, etc., can add up. If you’re like many teachers, we’re sure that you incur a lot of additional expenses throughout the year. If you are a teacher […]

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Free Print Materials

Free Leprechaun Trap STEM Printable

St. Patrick’s Day is only a few weeks away! Elementary students are particularly excited about the holiday because they can wear green to school, eat and drink green treats, read stories about the legend of the leprechaun, and participate in fun activities. To help you make this St. Patrick’s Day a golden one, we’re providing […]

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