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Month: September 2021

Free Print Materials

Fall into National Book Month Free Printable

October is National Book Month! To help your students fall into a consistent reading routine throughout the month, we have created this FREE printable for you! In a recent study conducted by Renaissance, 6 additional minutes of reading per day can significantly improve kids’ reading performance. This activity encourages students to read a different book […]

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PLS Course Spotlight

Ask PLS Classes

Why are there multiple offerings with the course number EDU-558? EDU-558 is the course number assigned when a new PLS course is approved through Wilkes University. This course number is temporary and is typically used for at least one semester. If the district or entity approving your course(s) for reimbursement inquires about EDU-558 being a […]

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News & Events

Autumn 2021 Promotion from Your Friends at PLS ...

School is back in session! To celebrate our favorite time of year (well besides summer break!) we’re offering you a $30 Gift Card* if you register for a PLS Class this Fall. Use the promo code AUTUMN2021 when registering, and we will send you your gift card once you complete your course. Rules & […]

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Free Print Materials

More Back-to-School Free Printables!

With a new school year comes a whole slew of new things – new schedules, teachers, classrooms, rules, etc. It can be overwhelming and difficult for students, especially the younger ones, to get accustomed to their new routines so as a teacher, it is important to create a comfortable environment for them to learn, grow, […]

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Best Practices for Educators

Three Easy Ways to Form More Meaningful Connect...

“Great teachers focus not on compliance, but on connections and relationships.” — PJ Caposey, Education Week What does it mean for you to connect with a parent? Is it thoughtfully attending each marking period’s parent-teacher conference with poignant insights about your student? Is connection something that can be achieved digitally, such as with Facebook groups, […]

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